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Fundación Kālida


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The Kālida Foundation supports people with cancer, their families and friends. Help improve their quality of life by offering practical, emotional and social support free and open to all.

It is based on the philosophy of the Maggies Centers organization and is a member of its international network. It has a center within the grounds of the Hospital de Sant Pau and is working to open more in other parts of Catalonia and Spain.

In September 2020 we started working for the Kālida Foundation to make digital marketing a key piece in the organization’s growth strategy.

Since then we have worked with them to deploy an inbound marketing strategy. We have accompanied them in the definition of a plan, the development of a new website, providing digital marketing services (SEO, Google Ads and Social Ads), and also providing creative proposals for recruitment campaigns and content.


“Not only do they provide us with digital marketing services, they also accompany us in the learning process that involves the commitment to the digital channel”. Joan Reventós, Director.


Main performance data:

In one year we have increased the number of followers on social networks by 70%; by 112% the number of web users; 65% the number of people in the emailing database; 35% the number of regular donors (members) and 98% the number of punctual donors.

In addition, with the 2021 Christmas campaign we have raised more than double what we got for Christmas 2020.



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