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The Ricky Rubio Foundation


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The Ricky Rubio Foundation works on two main axes: the fight against lung cancer and the integration of children at risk of exclusion through basketball.

The name of Ricky Rubio, and his career, is a fundamental asset of the foundation, but beyond that, we are working with them to generate a community of people involved in their mission and expand their structure and capacity for action.

An example of this is the #APlenoPulmón campaign: On the occasion of World Lung Cancer Day, the foundation promotes an awareness, prevention and early detection campaign. And they perform free spirometric tests so that participants can find out their lung age and receive medical recommendations.

At GoodProfits we have helped them translate the physical campaign into the digital world and go a step beyond communication and awareness: take advantage of the action to generate leads that expand their social base. The idea was simple, design a landing page with an online test and generate traffic through digital advertising.


“Starting with digital marketing at the hands of professionals like the GoodProfits team gives you a lot of peace of mind due to the transparency, trust and knowledge they have of the environment”.

Josep Heredia, Director.


#APlenoPulmón campaign. Main performance data:

We have developed a campaign landing page with an online test on lung health. We have obtained more than 1,000 leads (people who have completed the test) through a month-long campaign on Facebook and Instagram to which we have allocated an investment of €2,000. The total reach of the campaign has been 285,000 people (people who have seen it more than once).


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