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Centre Excursionista de Catalunya


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The Excursionist Center of Catalonia has been a benchmark in the mountain world since 1876, a sports and cultural association declared an entity of public utility.

To accompany the association in its adaptation to the digital medium, we have designed a two-month-long digital advertising campaign as a pilot to “test” the medium. This has focused on Facebook and Instagram, counting an investment of €3,000 distributed between generating traffic to a download landing page and Facebook lead Ads.

In addition, we are deploying with them an inbound marketing strategy that helps them broaden the base of the conversion funnel to increase and rejuvenate their social base.


“Apart from their knowledge, I would highlight the commitment of the GoodProfits team. They make the projects their own and get involved to make them work”. Ton Barnils, Director.


Autumn leads campaign. Main performance data:


We have obtained 5,980 leads (people who have downloaded the Catalunya Massís a Massís guide).

The total reach of the campaign has been 380,000 people (people who have seen it more than once).


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