Fundación Esclerósis Múltiple

Digital Strategy for the Fundación Esclerósis Múltiple




Fundación Esclerósis Múltiple


Digital Strategy, Inbound Marketing, SEO, digital advertising



The Fundación Esclerosis Múltiple helps people who suffer from the disease and their environment to improve their quality of life. After helping them define a digital fundraising strategy, we are accompanying them in its application.

This strategy is based on Inbound Marketing and its objective is to help the foundation generate attractive content for its supporters, with which to increase their level of engagement and their ability to broaden their social base.

We have defined a content and online services strategy structured through the Sclerosis Multiple Observatory and the EM Community that allows us to respond to the doubts and needs of people with this disease, caregivers and family members. And we have deployed an SEO, digital advertising and social media plan to attract this audience and convert them into supporters of the organization.

In addition, we are deploying a layer of marketing automation that allows us to increase the level of engagement of these people so that they become economic collaborators of the foundation.


“The combination of technological, communication and marketing knowledge make GoodProfits a strategic partner. In addition, they know the reality of the third sector and help us make decisions”.

Íria Saa, Comunicación y Fundraising Director.


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