EM Community for the “Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple”

At GoodProfits we believe that building an online community around an organization is essential for the success of your Inbound Marketing strategy. And as the movement is demonstrated by walking, today we present the first of our projects in this field: EM community for the “Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple”.

We have developed an online community integrated into the website of the Foundation that will help them to increase the capture of leads and the base of supporters of the organization, to improve the level of engagement of their social base, and also to increase their potential audience. and its brand visibility.


The idea is simple

Structure all continguts, resources, events, services, etc. that the FEM offers on its website only in the umbrella of an online community. In this way, all the people who are part of the social base of the FEM (beneficiaries, members, donors, volunteers and sympathizers) will have a unique username and password to carry out any action on the web. And all this activity will be registered in the CRM automatically for future segmentation and marketing automation.

With the new community layer that we have developed, the FEM website offers the user a window of functionalities that will be linked to the organization and maintain the seva related to the length of time:

  • Integration with the CRM. You can view and modify CRM information from the web. In addition, all the relevant activity of the social base on the web will be registered in the CRM for future segmentation.
  • Unique access. Each user will have a unique username and password.
  • Content download. The fact of having a unique identifier for each supporter will allow each person to easily download the resources that the Foundation offers: information about the disease, advice/support guides, training, etc.
  • Comments on the blog. This web extension will allow each user to post comments on the different articles of the foundation’s blog.
  • Registration for Newsletters.
  • Personal data management. Each user will have the possibility to update or modify their data, which will help the FEM to have a more complete and up-to-date database of its supporters.
  • Registration to events. Now more than ever it will be extremely easy to register to participate in any of the events organized by the FEM throughout the year.
  • Forums. Spaces where supporters of the organization can exchange experiences, opinions, advice… This element will contribute to generating a feeling of belonging.
  • Smart Forms. When the user navigates under login (is identified) on the foundation’s website, minimal friction will be generated in all interactions. All forms on the web will auto-fill automatically thanks to the information previously provided by the user.

Thanks to the EM community, we will ensure that the online content and services offered by the FEM reach more people, consolidating the work they have been doing in recent years to increase the digital dimension of their organization.


And that’s not all..

All the mentioned functionalities belong to the first phase of the implementation plan of the EM community. In a second phase we will integrate the functionalities of ecommerce, Peer to Peer and Xatbot.

With this project we move towards a more participatory organization model, where the supporter is also given a voice and in which interaction is the key element. A new conception of the relationship between third sector entities and their social base that will help them grow and consolidate their growth.

If you want to see the EM community live and direct, go to: