9 inspiring charity video campaigns

In the Odyssey, a poet mentions that his songs were put into his heart by the gods. And Homer affirmed that the inspiration comes from a “divine breath”. His explanation is probably not true, but I like it better than Freud’s, who located the inspiration in the artist’s internal psyche, the product of an unresolved psychological conflict or childhood trauma, and associated it with deep wounds.

Inspiration comes from where it comes from, it is still a quality of being that has something magical and elusive. There are many great quotes about inspiration. Picasso used to say: “When inspiration comes, let me find myself working.” And, in the same sense, Edison is credited with the phrase: “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

In this post I collect videos from non-profit organizations with great doses of creativity. I hope that seeing them the muses will visit you and present you with great ideas.


Follow the frog

Humor is not used much in fundraising campaigns. Nonprofits deal with very serious issues and, in most cases, the creativity of the campaigns is focused on the raw impact and the stirring of consciences. But when excellent professionals use humor intelligently, as in this 2012 campaign, they create small works of art: imagination, impact and top of mind awareness. Just Follow the Frog! You don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to save the rainforest.


Likes don’t save lives

Awesome campaign by UNICEF Sweden. What starts out like so many nonprofits campaigns we’ve already seen, presents an unexpected script twist at the end. We get emotional, we empathize with the situation of the protagonist child, we feel sad. We are about to “like” and ease this emotion a bit. Show our solidarity. So UNICEF Sweden goes and says: “Likes don’t save lives. Money does.” Sparkly!


Cover the cost

The first step in empathizing with a person is being able to put yourself in their situation. In this great awareness campaign, through a simple game, they make us aware of the dramatic situation that many people live around us. Would you rather…?


We’re the SuperHumans

In “Rio Paralympic games 2016”, we found another work of art of creativity applied to a good cause. “We’re the Superhumans” teaches us people with a willpower and self-improvement beyond all measure. From joy, from music, from the pride of being super human, of being admirable, of breaking marks and limits. In the video there is not a hint of disability, we only see maxability.


Share your #Booberang

A fresh and natural campaign for the prevention of breast cancer. Not complex. No taboos. Do not beat around the bush. Just share your #booberang. Great!

It seems that YouTube considers women’s breasts to be age-restricted content. Dont have much sense. In any case, here is the link: https://youtu.be/S9Ui6DCEyGE


How to look your best the morning after

In 2012, Refuge partnered with pro-bono partners BBH and makeup artist Lauren Luke to launch a brilliant awareness campaign. Sadly, 8 years later, we still need these types of campaigns. Let’s show women that they are not alone and help them break the silence. Thousands of women and children suffer domestic violence every day, but it remains a hidden crime.


El otro Black friday

The Khanimambo Foundation helps children from the most deprived areas of Mozambique. And they propose us a most spectacular Black Friday: offers !; Run they fly! Since their founding, they have long produced extraordinary fundraising creatives like this video. Don’t lose track of them. Khanimambo (thank you, in Changana language) for the communication partners who work so well, and all the luck in the world.


Everything is not awesome

When Greenpeace launched its campaign for LEGO to end its association with Shell, it was a before and after in terms of awareness campaigns. They not only managed to prevent LEGO from renewing its contract with the oil company, but also the participation of more than 1 million people and put the defense of the Arctic in the foreground. Not to mention the plastic quality of the video, the rhythm, the musical theme … An outstanding campaign from start to finish.


Family changes the situation

We all know that emotion is the magic ingredient, essential to reach people. The video I propose to you, by LOVE146, is a beautiful combination of sound, graphics and text, which manages to create an affective bond with its social base. It makes them feel the brand as their own thing, that they feel part of the organization, part of LOVE146 family.


Coming soon in theaters

Some of the campaigns I have selected are out of the budget of many nonprofits. But not everything is having a big budget and a great agency. Creativity can lead us to great results with means available to anyone. It is a question of attitude. To look for ideas. Not to settle for doing the usual.

We will continue to collect and publish selections of great creatives in third sector campaigns. Because the difference is in how we reach people, in transmitting, making them vibrate, moving… We will continue on the path of learning from the best and never losing ambition, to put everything at the service of good causes.