Commitment and values: the guiding principles of a digital fundraising agency

What is GoodProfits? What is it that moves us? Discover the principles that guide our work on a day-to-day basis.

When a non-profit association bets on the digital channel, it needs a solvent and reliable travel companion. A partner with extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing, web development and fundraising. Choosing a “travel companion” determines a large part of the chances of success and, therefore, it is a strategic decision in which intangibles that go beyond professional solvency must be taken into account. And many of these intangibles have to do with the feeling that is established between the team of the organization and the team of the agency chosen as a digital partner. Experience tells us that to work in the third sector it is essential to share the culture and underlying values that feed nonprofits. To be one more in this special ecosystem that works to make the world a better place.

When working as a team, it is essential to know that objectives are shared and that everyone is rowing in the same direction. Therefore, it is necessary to build a stable relationship, based on trust, in which the non-profit organization and the agency believe in the cause that gives meaning to all their effort and activity. The conviction to embark on the path of digital fundraising must be built on a solid foundation shared by all, from the management to the team involved. This serious and honest bet will be the one that leads us to make the digital channel become a fundamental asset of the entity. That it contributes in a relevant way to its growth and to the promotion of its cause.

For GoodProfits it is not the same to work for a private company or for a non-profit organization, that is why we only work for the third sector from the commitment to the causes with which we collaborate. We trust in the social contribution of the work we do and, therefore, we are 100% involved with the organizations we accompany.

At GoodProfits we defend the values of solidarity and the improvement of society in everything we do at the team level, in working with our clients, in corporate culture.


Health as the axis of life

Focused on contributing everything we can when it comes to raising funds destined to accompany and support people in a complicated health situation, or their relatives and close environment.


The protection of the most vulnerable

At GoodProfits we want to show our support to all those people and organizations that collaborate to support groups such as migrants, children and young people at risk of social exclusion or people living in poverty. With all of them we have an ethical and moral commitment that motivates us when designing actions focused on raising awareness about the need for a caring society that leaves no one by the wayside.


Tolerance and coexistence from respect to the different

No one can be marginalized because of their beliefs, because of their sexuality, because of their ethnicity … We believe that a healthy society is a society that normally accepts difference as an engine of cultural wealth and progress.


The defense of education, culture and sports

Education and culture are the foundation of our civilization. Culture is a source of learning and a link between people. It is essential and needs to be protected and promoted both from the public sphere and from the private sphere. At GoodProfits we also believe that the degree of progress of a society is measured according to its commitment to education. Education is the key to making our world a better world.

And let’s not forget sport as a source of health, vitality, cohesion, and education in values. We believe that sport should be protected and promoted because it is a fundamental tool to improve our quality of life and to educate children and young people.


The commitment to feminism, the defense of women and equal opportunities

Sexist attitudes have no place in our society. Some of these attitudes are subtle and shrouded in tradition, but all need to be unmasked to ensure that a woman has the same opportunities as a man to develop her full potential. And of course, the fight against sexist violence is one of the most important causes of a healthy society.


The importance of the environment

We see it essential to rethink from top to bottom the production and consumption model of Western societies. It is clear that continuing on this path is unfeasible. And we cannot leave this responsibility in the hands of governments. Minimum agreements such as the one signed in Paris in 2015, which are not followed afterwards, are not enough. We must go further. That is why we want to accompany all those organizations that are committed to the fight to reverse the environmental crisis.

At GoodProfits we believe in the circular economy, in giving back to society everything that it gives us and contributing to the improvement of the lives of the people around us. These values shared with the organizations we collaborate with are the motivation behind everything we do. They are the secret ingredient that makes things work and the key to the success of our digital fundraising projects.